Small beginnings, Big Future

Photo of the pioneer tool shop from the 1990's.

In 1985 Pioneer was founded in the garage of Minou Hussain.


The initial focus was tool fabrication, which expanded in the 90’s to include injection molding.


In 2001 Pioneer build the current headquarters facility, which is located in Eagan MN.

2011 marked Pioneer’s entry into medical molding.




Pioneer Plastics Inc. Richfield LocationPioneer Plastics Old Tool ShopPioneer Plastics Early Mold

Pioneer Plastics has grown from a local Midwestern injection molder contract manufacturer, into an international company with facilities in Hong Kong, and Shenzhen.

Pioneer Plastics has two sister companies, Group Tool, based out of Lexington IL, and Pioneer Plastech, based out of Shenzhen, China.

Pioneer Plastics Earlier Presses
Pioneer Plastics Inc. Headquarters