Small beginnings, Big Future

In 1985, skilled toolmaker Minou Hussain pursued his dreams to start his own business. With many years of experience as a toolmaker in Germany and the United States, he began Pioneer Plastics Inc. Minou’s beginnings were humble, starting the company out of his garage, he knew that this company would flourish with a foundation based on honesty, trust and impeccable products.

Pioneer Plastics Inc. Richfield LocationPioneer Plastics Old Tool ShopPioneer Plastics First PressesPioneer Plastics Early Mold
In the early 1990s, Minou moved his equipment out of the garage when he invested into a larger space in Richfield Minnesota. Along with the larger space, Minou was able to invest into employees and larger equipment to grow Pioneer Plastics. Customers were so impressed with the service and products they were receiving, word spread like wildfire as to where the best tooling and custom molding shop in Minnesota was.
Pioneer Plastics was busting at the seams, and timing could not be more perfect for Pioneer Plastics. In 2001, Best Buy Corporate was shopping for an optimal location to house their ever growing staff. Pioneer Plastics was in the middle of neighboring companies, residential homes, churches and parks that made way for thousands of Minnesota jobs at Best Buy.
Pioneer Plastics found a new home in Eagan Minnesota, where Minou did not want to run into the problem of running out of space. Pioneer Plastics is a beautiful “Green” building of 65,000 square feet, which houses a clean room facility, 23 top of the line plastic injection molding presses, tool shop, warehousing and state of the art automation capabilities.

Pioneer Plastics has grown from a local Midwestern manufacturer of plastic components and products to a global player in the custom injection molding industry.

Pioneer Plastics has two sister companies, Group Tool, based out of Lexington IL, and Pioneer Plastech, based out of Shenzhen China. With the partnership of these companies, Pioneer Plastics is able to provide customers with product quality and service you can’t find anywhere but Pioneer Plastics.

Pioneer Plastics Inc. Headquarters