Our Mission & Vision

Exceeding Customer Satisfaction

Pioneer is committed to meeting and exceeding our customers’ expectations by providing quality products and manufacturing services on time, at globally competitive prices. Since 1985, Pioneer has leveraged its experience and reputation by providing significant and sustainable competitive advantages to its customers worldwide.

Pioneer ensures customer satisfaction by:

  • Building Trust with Honesty and Respect to all of our customers
  • Delivering the Highest Product Quality
  • Innovative Technology Leadership
  • Ongoing Continuous Improvement
  • Commitment to Industry Certification
  • Exceeding Customer Satisfaction

Becoming a Customer-Driven Organization

By leveraging our internal resources to manufacture products at peak efficiencies and containing production costs to a minimum, Pioneer envisions its ability to expand its services to meet customer needs as they are required. Our ability to scale production will provide the needed capacity to meet supply demands on a global scale.
Meeting customer specific requirements is the prime determinant of everything we strive to achieve. Pioneer’s mission to achieve the highest customer satisfaction is the largest factor in driving and expanding our market share, customer loyalty and business success. We use internal operational metrics, external benchmarking and customer feedback to measure customer satisfaction.

Delivering the Highest Product Quality

High product quality, based on the systemic philosophy and practice of continuous improvement, is a base requirement for participation in the manufacturing industry. Highly valued by our customers, product quality is a market differentiation and key advantage.

Innovative Technology Leadership

Driving our technology leadership will enable us to provide our customers with innovative solutions that will make their market offerings more competitive and successful. Technology leadership encompasses manufacturing capability; highly adaptive process management and control approaches; establishing and encouraging a learning organization; and valuing and promoting the continuous skill development of highly motivated Pioneer employees.

Ongoing Continuous Improvement

Continuous improvement underpins everything we do to provide value to our customers, empower our employees to innovate, and respond to customer and competitive requirements. The key focus elements for continuous improvement are customer satisfaction; defect prevention and elimination; and, process management and control. Continuous improvement provides the framework to achieve and maintain technology leadership and set the benchmark for product quality.