3D Printing/Prototyping

Turn your vision into reality with Pioneer Plastics 3D Printing and Prototyping.

In 2010 Pioneer Plastics added 3D printing to the many prototyping options. Pioneer Plastics can ensure your product is going to have the fit and function it needs, prior to building a full production tool. Ensuring that if your product requires any alterations, they can be accomplished with a tweak of the 3D print model. Once your valued product is finalized, Pioneer is ready to assist you with your production tool!


Pioneer Plastics can assist you on many different levels of prototyping. Pioneer is equipped with a full tool shop, capable of producing tools in house. Pioneer’s sister location, Pioneer Plastech, in Shenzhen China also has full capabilities of producing prototype tools, along with full production tools.

Pioneer Plastics is very proud of our Shenzhen location and their capabilities. Pioneer Plastech (Shenzhen) is equipped with the same measurement and quality systems that Pioneer Plastics in Eagan is equipped with, to ensure your first off runs are measured using the same method in China, as they are in the U.S.