Domestic Tooling

We offer a number of tool building options to meet your schedule, and budget. We can build tools in-house, or outsource internally to our sister company Pioneer Plastech. All of our facilities have in-house tooling maintenance.

In order to find the best approach to meet your timing and budget requirements, Pioneer offers flexible tooling options. We can build tools in-house, and we are also willing to work with customer preferred tool builders.

Transfer Tooling | Smooth Transition

Moving tools from one supplier to another can be stressful, with concerns about disruption to your supply. At Pioneer Plastics, we have the systems and experience to insure a quick, smooth transition. We follow a clearly defined process for qualifying transfer molds. Our engineers work with you to address tool quality and compatibility issues prior to tool transfers to minimize production delays.  A dedicated project manager is assigned to each transfer tooling program.

We welcome the opportunity to handle your transfer tooling programs.

  • 15%+ of tools are transfers
  • Cross functional team headed by dedicated Project Manager
  • Clearly defined process
  • Multiple mold program capability
  • Molds fully requalified in 2 weeks on average
  • Flex Resources between plants to meet timeline
  • Develop both a short and long range plan