Project Management

Dedicated Project Manager Support

A dedicated Pioneer project manager will be assigned to your program prior to launch. The project management professional follows the project from the beginning, beyond production, through the end of the program. They are the leaders of our internal cross-functional internal team, which includes support from; sales, estimating, mold design/ mold engineering, tooling, production, process engineering, and quality.

The Main role of the Project Manager is to provide effective communication between the customer, suppliers, and internal members of our cross-functional team.   Project managers will send you regular support updates, as they manage the progress of their program.


Pioneer Plastics Process Development

Leverage our dedicated staff of molding engineers to determine the optimal process parameters and rage for your cosmetic, geometric, and material requirements.   Our staff follow scientific process methods to develop and document robust process windows to engineer quality into every product.

Pioneers Scientific Methods Include:

  • In-Mold Melt Rheology (Resin Viscosity Control)
  • Design of Experiments
  • Cavity Pressure Sensor Profiling and Monitoring
  • Process Window Development
  • Melt Flipper®
  • Mold Flow® Analysis