Secondary Services

Insert Molding

Insert Molding: Insert molding allows a metal insert to be embedded in a part in one operation for improved product structure and increased strength. One of the major benefits from insert molding includes combining components in order to improve product functionality and ease of assembly while reducing costs. We develop systems that monitor insert orientation and specific process parameters to insure all parts meet customer specifications

Over Molding

Over molding utilizes two separate molds on conventional presses to over mold one part to another for unique visual or ergonomic appeal such as handles.

Two-Shot Molding

In this process, polymers from two injection units are applied through independent nozzles on one press to produce pieces like soft-touch handles or two-toned translucent parts.

Clean Room Molding & Assembly

Our 3000 square foot class 100,000 / ISO Class 8 cleanroom controlled cleanroom is complete with integrated overhead crane and external drying/material feeding capabilities. With seven new state of the art Sodick injection molding machines ranging from 65 ton to 165 ton. Pioneer Plastics has the ability to meet most medical cleanroom injection molding requirements.

Pioneer Plastics presses also have fixed automation and robot capabilities for all presses. Our highly experienced staff adheres to stringent cleanroom operating procedures, ensuring that our products meet customer specifications.


Pioneer’s manufacturing operations take full advantage of programmable servo-robotics to ensure efficiency and product consistency. Our automatic assembly cells provide for the sequence of manufacturing steps and assembly in a contained process. This ensures process repeatability and reduces part-to-part variation.