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Pioneer’s Product Development Assembly Solutions


  • Manual Assembly
  • Automated Assembly  (Semi or Full-Auto)
  • 3D Machining
  • Tensile Testing
  • Sonic Welding
  • Pad Printing
  • Leak Testing
  • Laser Etching
  • Gluing
  • Form Fill Seal Packaging
  • Packaging Burst Testing

Pioneer provides 3D printing services to test the fit and form of your product.

Confirming the design intent has been met and identifying potential issues are two important solutions provided by 3D printing, especially when it can be done in-house. With computer aided design software (CAD), designers can test designs to some degree, right within the software. However, as good as the simulations within the software have become, there comes a point when it’s quicker and easier to build a version of the final product to get user feedback on the design. Making functional or merely cosmetic prototypes is one tool for eliciting such feedback. Unfortunately, requests for 3D printed prototypes can often require in-house order approvals followed by lead times of several days before a 3D printed part arrives. Creativity can be stifled by having to wait for prototypes before moving forward with the design.

That’s where in-house 3D printers can keep the process moving and the creativity flowing by letting more design prototypes be built, tested, and criticized in shorter timeframes. It lets designers prototype earlier and more often in the design cycle and identify key changes that need to be made.

What benefits does 3D printing bring to companies that design, manufacture, and sell products?

3D printed parts are useful in communicating the design intent to marketing and sales departments, as well as manufacturers and suppliers.

After seeing and handling the 3D printed version of the product, marketing and sales will be better prepared to support it when it is released. Sharing the printed model with manufacturing and supply chains will help determine if the product can be economically manufactured and identify potential issues that may arise during manufacturing. Giving your manufacturers and suppliers an accurate representation of the end product could help prevent any miscommunication that could arise when interpreting the CAD models.


Can you benefit from 3D printing?

Customers should get the best possible product for their money, courtesy of the additional design iterations and testing the product will go through. 3D printed prototypes lead to more refined end products because key decisions about the function and feel of the product were made early in the design process. The improved communication made possible by handing prototypes to manufacturers and suppliers also ensures the true design intent will be achieved.


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