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Finding Creative Ways to Meet Demand

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A customer in the medical device industry initially started off with prototype molds for their multi-component assembled device ( 10+ tools).


As they quickly saw a ramp-up in demand, their tools were not sufficient enough to run the demand they were getting in the long run.

Prototype tools were ramping up to their max capacity. The customer could not wait for new tools to be built and qualified, due to the time frame and extreme demand they were incurring.

With high tolerance parts, they could not have parts with cosmetic nor dimensional flaws.


Pioneer’s engineering team analyzed the situation and created a spares program. Strategically analyzing the critical features of each mold and part, Pioneer’s team started to build all major components for each mold.

While still molding the current tools and keeping up with demand, we were in parallel building the spare components.

(core cavity, end-pin, ejector pins, shutoffs, cam slides, etc.)

When the spare components were finished, Pioneer was managing down time by validating each component after production runs.


Over 100+ components were validated in 2 months, without missing any delivery dates or neglecting demand.

The customer was able to fulfill demand and maintain a quality part without any downtime.