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SAFETY of PPI’s Employees

Keeping our employees and partners safe during corona virus #coronavirus#plasticmolding #plastic industry #contract manufacturing #injection molding #medical devices #automotive #industrial #manufacturing #machinery #quality #innovation #allhandsmn #socialdistancing

Face shields

Pioneer Plastics Inc. is committed to sustaining normal operations times in these critical times. As an “essential supplier” to the economy, Pioneer is maintaining a… Read More »Face shields


The health of Pioneer Plastic Inc., Group Tool Inc., and Pioneer Plastech Ltd. employees, suppliers, contractors, and clients is our primary focus. PPI is monitoring… Read More »COVID-19

Health Solutions

Cardiac Science Corporation

Cardiac Science Corporation innovates solutions for the medical device with the help of Pioneer Plastics Inc. Improving New Product Development lead times through rapid prototype, DFM, mold flow and China tooling capability. Driving customer satisfaction through thermoplastic & thermoset molding, assembly, global manufacturing,etc.

Sudden cardiac arrest is a life-threatening emergency that affects more than 350,000 people of all ages every year and is the third-leading cause of death in the United States, according to the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation. Most often, sudden cardiac arrest occurs at home or in public places. A fast and effective response is vital to the victim’s chance of survival.

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