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Set-Up Technician

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Set-Up Technician


Perform start-up throughout the plan as assigned.  Capable of maintaining and changing cycles.  Consistently strives for continual growth in processing knowledge and decision-making skills.  Maintains production expectancies and produces parts consistent with customers.  Ensure adherence to defined quality standards and Pioneer Plastics’ documented processes


Frequent contact with persons inside and outside the company of substantially higher authority


  • Performs cold start-ups.
  • Assist other employees with production problems.
  • Ensure that all safety devices are properly in place when performing duties including lockout/tag-out procedures.
  • Communicate with supervisor or tool room department regarding required mold issues.
  • Work with Quality Engineer regarding cycle changes to correct discrepant dimensions and visual defects.
  • Recommends mold or process changes that will improve productivity and/or quality.
  • Set-up injection molding machines to established process parameters and standards.
  • Set-up required auxiliary and peripheral equipment.
  • Set up and remove molds from machines.
  • Empty and clean hoppers and loaders.
  • Initiate machine and equipment repairs and follow lockout/tag-out procedures.
  • Layout work station and/or document process per established specifications.
  • Restart injection molding machines after a cycle interruption; purge and shutdown injection molding machines.
  • Change machine set points per documented instructions and procedures.
  • Alert Material Handler and Operator of requirements for production.
  • Follow line clearance requirements.
  • Manage or operate one or more plastic molding machines running manual, semi-automatic; or automatic cycle. When tending automatic cycle machines, multiple machine coverage will be required if time permits.  As required remove and grind runners and sprues.
  • Operate a central loading system and correct simple jams.
  • Using machines, jigs, fixtures, materials, gauges, or hand tools, perform a variety of operations on molded or purchased parts such as removing flash, runners, gates, buffing, burring, drilling, and tapping, filling, gluing, finishing, sanding, machining, gauging, and etc.
  • Visually inspect and sort all parts to a predetermined quality level for such flaws as short shots, burns, contaminates, visual and dimensional defects. Gauge parts using gauges and simple inspection devices.  Performs operator inspections per control plan.  Provide production parts to quality personnel for inspection purposes.
  • Assemble and/or finish parts by hand or using various jigs, fixtures, machines, sonic welder, heat staking machine, pad printer, etc.
  • Make-up shipping containers and prepare for shipping. Layer pack or weigh containers to ensure accurate part count per customer requirements.  Move finished goods to the staying area.
  • Properly complete all required paperwork and electronic data entry of information pertaining to assignments.
  • Accurately allocate daily attendance hours in Epicor.
  • Maintain work area in an orderly manner and to be free from debris, parts, runners, and items not required to perform the job, moving and stacking filled cartons, scrap totes, and unused auxiliary/peripheral equipment to the storage area, clean and degrease machines and equipment as assigned. Empty trash & recycle bins when required.
  • Perform machine PMs, participate in 5S practices, and if certified.
  • Report all machine, equipment, production, or processing problems to the supervisor or qualified personnel.
  • Maintain production expectancies and produces parts consistent with customer and internal requirements.
  • Actively assist in training others as assigned.
  • Provide backup for employee breaks
  • Perform other duties as assigned.



High school or GED or past experience in plastic injection molding a plus or related manufacturing industry experience
Related manufacturing experience to be sufficient by contacting previous employers and/or references. Job competency can be determined during the interview and can override minimum requirements.


Minimum of twelve months of injection molding experience or related manufacturing industry experience. Must complete training on the job with experienced setup technician


Requires the ability to read, write, and effectively communicate in English.  Use of a variety of machines and equipment requiring some trade machine and peripheral equipment knowledge, set-up process per established specification, and knowledge of individual machine characteristics.  Requires the ability to perform equipment cleaning related to material handling as well as the ability to work with material handling equipment. Considerable degree and mental and/or visual attention required.



Moderate damage or loss is possible but the exercise of ordinary care and attention will prevent loss.  Required to maintain part quality and production standards.


Follow standard set-up procedures to achieve uniform results.  Constant care and attention are required to prevent damage to molds, machines, gauges and secondary equipment, and plastic parts.  Maintain all company provided tools and toolboxes.


Ordinary care required; follow established safety guidelines and practices to ensure self and safety of others are not jeopardized through good housekeeping activities.



Physical exertion will be required to be able to lift at least 50lbs;


Accident hazards moderate.  Injuries normally consist of cuts and burns.


Work inside factory building exposed to noise, smoke, plastic fumes, dirt, and oil.

Any individual may submit an application to the following individual for consideration for this position.

Sue Zallar,
Human Resources,
Pioneer Plastics, 3660 Dodd. Rd. Eagan, MN 55123[/vc_column_text]

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